Ruqya is recognizably viable for the treatment of supernatural and otherworldly conditions, for example, Evil Eye, Black Magic and Jinn ownership or for those conditions that therapeutic practice can not represent. You are encouraged to look for direction from a trustworthy and prescribed Raqi, in the event that you feel that you have been tormented by these issues. The raqi will prescribe Hijama, and reveal to you which focuses are to be measured for most extreme effect. If you don’t mind explore your Raqi before organizing gatherings/sessions with them, as there are numerous con artists who guarantee to be authentic Raqis, yet just need your cash, and other people who may utilize techniques not from Islam. The Messenger(SAW) was measured on his head when burdened with enchantment: Ibn Al-Qayyim (may Allah show leniency toward him) makes reference to that the Messenger (SAW) was beset with enchantment and was measured on the head to treat it. He additionally makes reference to that hijama is from the best of solutions for enchantment whenever performed effectively (Zaad al Ma’aad).

Symptoms / Side effects related to the evil/ magic:
  1. Feel somebody (watching you, tailing you, remaining behind you, contacting you).
  2. Bad dreams and interest dreams (obscure individual, Cats, Dogs, Snakes, Beef, cemetry, dead people, Fire, flying dreams, falling dreams… ).
  3. Feel of obstructing throughout everyday life (Wedding, Money, Bad karma, Study, Society, Projects… ).
  4. Paranormal occasions (shadow, things mouving, stange sounds, somebody contacting you… ).
  5. Medical issues (fetus removal, skin issues, painwithout reason, franticness, trouble, melancholy… ).


Indications related to the Evil Eye:
  • shortcoming, Gaping…
  • Fast disintegration of wellbeing, Skin catches (Eczema, psoriasise), Body heat, Severe hack…
  • Neglect, Tears in eyes, Abortion…

Every one of these side effects can be identified with a mysterious issue and need more examination to affirm it.

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